Nicolas Ternisien

40 years old

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« Fullstack and Enthusiastic Developer in Java/JEE Technologies,

Web Standards and Architecture Strong Skills. »

Specialized in Open Source.

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: European Commission - DG SANTE (freelancer). France / Belgium

Java/JEE Freelancer, mainly for the European Commission, DG SANTE, for the TRACES NT project.

Complete rewriting of TRACES project, following standards of the modern web.

  • Web Frontend: HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS 3, Bootstrap, RESTful API.
  • JEE Backend: Web JEE 6 with Java 8, JAX-RS, JPA, EJB 3.1, CDI, JSP/JSTL, Weblogic 12. SpringBoot 2, Docker.
  • Data Repository: Oracle DBMS 12c, Elasticsearch 8.8.
  • Noteworthy APIs: OpenStreetMap, Freemarker, iText.

English-based job.

to : European Commission - DG SANTE (freelancer). Brussels, Belgium

Java/JEE Freelancer, currently at the European Commission, DG SANCO, for the TRACES project.

In the perspective of renewing the TRACES system, initially developed in 2004, my mission consists of implementing the major changes required by the evolution of certification on the European market, in addition to rebase the application on the latest JEE 6 Standards.


  • Full JEE 6 Web Profile Project with Java 7, JAX-RS, JPA, EJB 3.1, CDI & JSP/JSTL.
  • API & Technologies: HTML 5, Angular JS, CSS 3, jQuery, RESTful structure, iText, Maven 3, EESSI.
  • Architecture: Weblogic 12 & Glassfish 3.1, Oracle DBMS 10i.

In the meantime, my mission is also to continue providing to the original TRACES project bug fixing and improvements, until the next version entirely replaces it.

English-based job.

to : IRIS S&E Europe. Brussels, Belgium

Java/JEE Developer for the European Commission, DG SANCO, on the TRACES project.

This application is a web-based veterinarian certification tool controlling the import and export of live animals and animal products to and from the European Union. Using TRACES, every good is followed by border inspection posts, authorized by local government authorities, and eventually completed with additional laboratory tests and sanitary alerts.


  • Architecture: Java 6, Weblogic 10 clustered application servers, Oracle DBMS 9i.
  • Frameworks & API : Struts, Hibernate, SQL, EJB 2, JSP, iText, Velocity.

English-based job.

to : SQLI. Rouen, France

Java/JEE Engineer at Altitude Télécom.

Development of an Automatic Configuration and Management of Network Hardware Equipments Software:

  • Cisco and Thomson equipments spotting using SNMP and Telnet protocols.
  • Configuration and provisioning management from a Web interface.
  • Continuous Integration with Hudson, good Unit Testing code covering, Maven managed project.


  • Java 6 / Java EE 5, glue code using Spring 2.5, based on the JBoss 4.2 application server.
  • UI based on JSF 1.2, Richfaces 3.1.1 and Facelets.
  • Datas persistence managed by Hibernate Annotations 3 and MySQL.
to : La Défense - Paris, France

Java/JEE Developer of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. is a well known web mortgage financing broker in France (+650 employees, +40 agencies).

Accomplishments and Goals :

  • Implementation of new features accompanying the growth of the company.
  • Introduction and industrialization of Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Axis 2, JAX-WS and Ant API and Frameworks on an existing application (Open Source oriented).
  • Following of Java and Sun Standards and Recommendations to ensure a better scalability.
  • Improving Stability thank to the use of JUnit 4 Unit Tests and Functional Tests.

Technologies & Architecture :

  • Tomcat 6 Servers load balanced by Apache 2 servers.
  • Web Frameworks Struts 1.3 / 2, Servlets/JSP/JSTL, Axis 2 and JAX-WS Web Services.
  • ORM Hibernate 3.2, using a Oracle 10g Database.
  • Consistency, glue code and injection process handled by Spring Framework 2.5.
  • JUnit 4 Unit Tests.
to : Quotium Technologies. La Défense - Paris, France

Implementation of monitoring plugins for JBoss, WebSphere and Tomcat applications servers into QTest, a load testing application.

Used technologies :

  • Usage of the JMX monitoring API.
  • Connecting Java and C++ using JNI.
  • Graphical Plugins developed with C++ and the MFC API.
to : Training Period in Local Education Authority of Rouen. Rouen, France

Creation of a Web Application Generator (Java and Ant implementation) that generates a web application (using Struts and Torque ORM) from a given XML relational database schema.

: Student job for the Jy'Web Company. Rouen, France
Development of a web application allowing the « Administration of Interventions Requests » (LAMP architecture).
: Summer job in CCCA (Local Administration). Cany-Barville, France
Installation and Setup of a Squid Proxy Service on a Linux server.
to : Training period in the François Ier High School. Le Havre, France
Development of a Web Back Office application managing students marks (PHP/MySQL).

Community and Open Source Projects

to : Linux Pratique Essentiel Magazine.
Article Writer in the French Linux related magazine "Linux Pratique Essentiel" (from N°1 to N°13).
: Forum Software Reviews.

Administrator and Webmaster of Forum Software Reviews, an English-based website comparing existing LAMP, .Net and JEE Open Source forum software. More than 35,000 unique visitors, 120,000 page views per month.

Website based on PHP 5, MySQL and Drupal 6. Development of Additional Drupal modules. Use of a Chrooted Apache for web application demos.

to : KDE Localization.

Administrator of, which concentrates and manages KDE Project translations in all languages.

Site based on PHP and MySQL technologies.

: KSystemLog.

Standard Log Application Tool of the KDE Desktop, allowing a convenient navigation in Linux System Logs (C++ along with the Qt Graphical Toolkit).

: KDE Project Translation from English to French.
Member of the French Translation Team since 2004.


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